Our vision

We, the founders of Yes Paws, were lucky enough to grow up with and love our animals.

Animals are a real driving force in our development. These best friends are a real support, both emotionally and socially. Excitement through play, laughter through their comedy, fear through their mischief and love through their cuddles, they enliven our daily lives.

But above all, we have learned two essential values from them:

Respect and trust.

Two concepts we grow with every day.

Improving their health and well-being.

The pet market has become a complex environment for you, the pet owner.

How can you identify the real added value of a brand? Are the products really healthy for my pet? What is the composition of my kibble or the toy I've just bought? Where is it manufactured?

So we imagined a world where transparency reigns. Offering only healthy, good products. To make a difference, more simply. This is the world of today and tomorrow.

Our animals are also deserving of excellence.

Our mission is simple: to return to basics.

Enjoy the basics every month with Yes Paws. Quality products, products in line with our values: eco-friendly and natural, useful, unique and exclusive products.

We choose each product according to our internal charter, for an unforgettable experience.

With our box, from now on, take time with your pet, pamper it and forge an even closer bond: that's also what's essential.